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Our school produces an electronic newsletter which is emailed to parents/carers via our online subscription service.

The e-newsletter is an excellent opportunity for us to share student achievements, upcoming events and important dates, and is great for keeping in touch.

If you are not already receiving the fortnightly e-newsletter, please subscribe online.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the relevant link on the bottom of each e-newsletter.

A link to the latest Newsletter is also provided on the Home page for quick access and an archive of the most recent ones can be found below.

To advertise in the School Newsletter, contact austnews.


eNewsletter 23 October 2018.aspxFHSS eNewsletter 23 October 2018eNewsletter 23 October 201823/10/20182 KB
FHSS eNewsletter 9 October 2018.aspxFHSS eNewsletter 9 October 2018FHSS eNewsletter 9 October 20189/10/20182 KB
FHSS eNewsletter 12 September 2018.aspxFHSS eNewsletter 12 September 2018FHSS eNewsletter 12 September 201812/09/20182 KB
FHSS eNewsletter 28 August 2018.aspxFHSS eNewsletter 28 August 2018FHSS eNewsletter 28 August 201828/08/20182 KB
FHSS eNewsletter 14 August 2018.aspxFHSS eNewsletter 14 August 2018FHSS eNewsletter 14 August 201814/08/20182 KB
FHSS eNewsletter 31 July 2018.aspxFHSS eNewsletter 31 July 2018FHSS eNewsletter 31 July 201831/07/20182 KB
FHSS eNewsletter 17 July 2018.aspxFHSS eNewsletter 17 July 2018FHSS eNewsletter 17 July 201817/07/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 19 June 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 19 June 2018FHSS Newsletter 19 June 201819/06/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 5 June 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 5 June 2018FHSS Newsletter 5 June 20185/06/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 22 May 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 22 May 2018FHSS Newsletter 22 May 201822/05/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 8 May 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 8 May 2018FHSS Newsletter 8 May 20188/05/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 24 April 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 24 April 2018FHSS Newsletter 24 April 201824/04/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 27 March 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 27 March 2018FHSS Newsletter 27 March 201827/03/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 13 March 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 13 March 2018FHSS Newsletter 13 March 201813/03/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 27 February 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 27 February 2018FHSS Newsletter 27 February 201827/02/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 14 February 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 14 February 2018FHSS Newsletter 14 February 201814/02/20182 KB
FHSS Newsletter 1 February 2018.aspxFHSS Newsletter 1 February 2018FHSS Newsletter 1 February 20181/02/20182 KB
newsletter-2017-11-23.aspxFHSS Newsletter 23 November 2017newsletter-2017-11-2323/11/20172 KB
newsletter-2017-11-09.aspxFHSS Newsletter 9 November 2017newsletter-2017-11-099/11/20172 KB
newsletter-2017-10-26.aspxFHSS Newsletter 26 October 2017 newsletter-2017-10-2626/10/20172 KB